Excerpt from a 1960's Honda Motorcycle Manual

This bit of wisdom - complete with mangled English and misspellings - comes from a circa 1960 Honda motorcycle owner's manual: "At the rise of the hand by policeman, stop rapidly. Do not pass him by or otherwise disrespect him." It goes on to say, "When a passenger of the foot, hooves in sight, tootel the horn trumpet melodiously at first. If he still obstacles your passage, tootel him with vigor and express by word of mouth, warning, Hi! Hi!" And even more importantly, "Give big space to the festive dog that makes sport in roadway. Avoid entanglement of dog with wheel spokes." And finally it states, "Your safety is our main concern. Ride right and be safe. Instructables can be confusable."

[From Jay Leno's garage website, so it will be real. Watch those festive dogs.]