Learn to Speak Hull

Surfer                              Posh name for a settee
Merce curd                      Obsolete radio communications
draa waa waane               The opposite of sweet white wine
Mama mia                       Here I am Mother.
Myrrh-bile                        My other telephone
Me lickle perny                A toy horse
A terld-a-merl                  I informed everyone
Perch deg                       A snack, usually on terst.
Spurts clairs                    Garments worn by athletes.
Meolidiz                           My annual vacation
Yerolidiz                          Your annual vacation
Erk                                   A type of wood
Yer sir slur                       You are not very quick
Rail smerl                        Not very big
Burla cherries                 "Life is just a................"
Rerm                               Capital of Italy
Kirk-a-curler                    A fizzy drink, usually served curled.
Burn idol                          Extreme laziness
Bains out larkin'               The children are out playing
Gunna snerr                    Winter weather expected
Rerd rage                        Disgruntled drivers
Perm                               A composition in verse
Yer mammal ner             Your Mother will have the information
The Nerth Pearl               The most northerly point on Earth
Erm Sweet Erm              One's place of residence
Oi!  Gerreer!                   Please come hither
Nerz kern                        The pointed end of a rocket
Fern Curls                       Telecommunications/ a phonecall
The Perp                         Head of the Catholic Church
Yer jerkin'                        I don't believe you
Lerds 'n lerds                  Plenty
British Erm Stairs           Well known department store
Pearls                              People from Poland
Err nerr!                          An expression of dismay
Goin' on rerd                   Going shopping
Gorra curled                    I have the sniffles
Am mafted                        I'm hot
Am nithered to the bern      I'm cold
E's ard on, bless 'im          This poor man is asleep
Dirt bisser mern-jee           Try and be a little more  enthusiastic please
Worlds                            Small hills