From the Pattaya Mail, 22/10/00:

"Make no mistake. Willpower will win us every championship," football coach Bill Cedars told reporters who had gathered to watch the Naklua soccer team begin their weekly training session in Pattaya, Thailand. "Youthful, budding players like these need to develop their mental stamina. And there is no better way to do that than by learning to walk barefoot over broken glass."

But centre forward Lee Yan Koon was less enthusiastic about Bill Cedar's revolutionary training methods. "Before Bill got into meditation, we used to practise shooting, dribbling, and sprinting, just like other teams. But now he just makes us take our boots off and walk over broken glass every week, and it's a disaster. Every session ends with him driving us all to the government hospital in the club minibus. None of us can kick the ball properly, because our feet are all cut to ribbons, and most of us can barely walk. We haven't been able to field a complete team since Easter, and we're the only club in the league without a single point to its name. Most of the team are wearing fluffy slippers for comfort during the day, and we look effeminate. That cannot be right."