A man walks into a restaurant and orders squid.

"Certainly Sir" says Jervaise the waiter "Would you like to choose your squid from the tank over there?"

"I'll have that little green one with the moustache" says the customer.

"Oh no!" replies Jervaise "but he's my favourite! - He's so small and cute and friendly. Surely you'd prefer one of the bigger meatier ones?"

"No" says the customer "It's got to be that one".

So Jervaise gets the little green squid out and puts him on the chopping block, raises his knife and ....... the little squid looks up and smiles, twitching his bushy moustache into a big friendly grin!

"It's no good says Jervaise, I can't do it. I'll have to ask Hans who does the washing up.  He's a big, tough brute - he'll be able to do the evil deed"

So out comes Hans, while Jervaise disappears off in tears.  He picks up the knife, raises it to chop the little squid's head off and...... once again the little friendly squid looks up and smiles, wiggling his little legs and twitching his little moustache. So Hans too finds it impossible to kill him.

The moral? Hans that does dishes is as soft as Jervaise with mild green hairy-lip squid.